Canadian tourist rape: Paris police jailed for seven years

Entrance to the Direction Regionale de Police Judiciaire (DRPJ), also known by its address the "36 quai des Orfevres", in ParisImage copyright

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Emily Spanton was raped after being invited to tour the legendary Paris police HQ

Two police officers have been found guilty of raping a 39-year-old Canadian woman at a renowned Paris police headquarters in 2014.

They were both jailed for seven years by a Paris court, three years after the case was thrown out in another trial.

Emily Spanton waived her right to anonymity to pursue the case.

She told the trial she had been invited to tour the police HQ after meeting a group of officers in a bar, but when she went there she was gang-raped.

The headquarters, based at 36 Quai des Orfèvres in Paris, is legendary for its role in French crime literature and film.

The two men, Nicolas Redouane and Antoine Quirin – former members of France’s elite BRI anti-gang force – had always maintained their innocence. They argued Ms Spanton had consented to sex.

The court was convinced by the “consistent statements of the victim” and by scientific and technical evidence provided by DNA and phone records, the president of the court said.

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